Create and Destroy – Bill Finger

Bill Finger builds intricate dioramas, photographs them, and then destroys them.

This is a way of working that comes out of the time that I spent in the film industry as an Assistant Cameraman. I became fascinated by movie sets. With a set, here was a space/place that was created solely to be photographed. Then once filmed, these spaces, that so many people had labored to create, were then destroyed. But they do continue to exist. They exist within the space that the projected film reveals.

I decided that I wanted to explore working and creating in a similar manner with my own photographs. To expand the idea further, as well as make it more manageable, I began creating miniatures. The miniature has a long history in movie-making as well as a history in symbolizing other places and events. I approach this process as if these were my own miniature film sets with their own sense of narrative. In essence, each photograph is the recreation of a place that has never truly existed. Except for the fact that they do continue to exist within the confines of the borders of the print. In doing so, each image can serve to undermine the traditional role of the photograph, just a bit, as purveyor of truth.


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