Icon Maker – Dean Freeman

Dean Freeman is an international icon maker whose idiosyncratic mixture of striking, sophisticated portraiture and acerbic observation of the human nature has earned him the status of one of the preeminent contemporary photographers. He made his name as a celebrity photographer more than twenty years ago and has since solidified his reputation with a series of hugely popular and successful books on the subjects ranging from JLS and Leona Lewis to David Beckham and the Spice Girls. Whether he hangs out with George Michael or Katy Perry, chronicles the tango scene in Buenos Aires, or the youth culture of Brazil and India, Dean always captures a sense of intimacy and candidness that compels us to look at his images, stimulates the senses and provokes thought. He draws us into the world of his subjects, revealing it in all its weird and wonderful glory, celebrating human life in all its diversity, its frailty and grit, its starkness and splendour. But Dean is more than just an observer of life, he is very much an active participant, someone who instinctively immerses himself in.


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