Dogs by Gerrard Gethings

 ” My aim is that the photographs should be aspirational. Anyone can take a reasonably good picture these days. The camera on the new iphone probably has a better resolution than my first digital SLR. Take enough shots at the right time of day and you will get a result. This is good news for good photographers and bad news for the rest. The proliferation of digital imaging equipment has meant that photographers have to raise their game. Capturing beautiful, fine detail in an image isn’t about resolution, sharpness or magapixels ( although they have a part to play ) it’s about light and shade. Knowing what to do with the highlights and capturing detail in the shadows, this is what’s really important. Photography is as much a trade as it is an art form. Like any other trade it has to be learned. Lighting is key. It is what controls every single aspect of the image. The camera controls nothing. It is only there to record what happens when the flash goes off. Having studied this trade for some time it is my aim to bring the highest quality portraiture to what is generally a poorly represented genre – Dog photography”.  ( Gerrard Gethings )


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