Magical Journey by Elizabeth Gadd

I was born and raised (and am now based) near Vancouver, Canada. Having grown up in this beautiful area, I’ve fallen easily in love with the surrounding forests, hills, mountains and ocean – All of which are heavily incorporated in my photography. I started my venture into photography in 2007 when I became obsessed with taking photos of my pets (…yes, I’m as much an animal nerd as I am a nature lover). I got serious about photography in 2010 when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take a self-portrait every single day for a year. Upon completing this 365 project, my photography style and creativity had grown immensely. I now enjoy experimenting in any and every kind of photography, but for the most part I still like to spend my days hiking with my dogs and taking photos in the surrounding nature. When I’m not out taking photos or walking/training the dogs, you can usually find me on a couch somewhere eating lots of chocolate. Elizabeth Gadd


5 thoughts on “Magical Journey by Elizabeth Gadd

  1. mi piace la varietà di ciò che trovi, a prescindere da ciò che è nelle mie corde e sento più o meno mio, non ci si annoia mai a leggere il tuo blog.
    questo post l’ho condiviso 😉 . Grazie

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