True America Part 1 by Elmo Tide

Really amazing two part set of photography showcasing America in its lite to heavy cultural activities. By Elmo Tide.

“Frank and Fellini go to the carnival.” That’s how NPR described the style, and it seems as good a description as any. It’s a strange dark fantasy world, but I can’t quite grasp it. What is he trying to express? What drives him? Who is this person sneaking around LaLa land at all hours with a camera? The dilemma is that Elmo Tide is anonymous. He’s posted twice on Flickr and left it at that. No contact info, no forwarding address, no name. Just 81 photos and a goofball pseudonym. Not much info but enough to go viral. Intriguing. It’s pretty hard nowadays to disappear completely. To mask all digital fingerprints and remain anonymous takes determination. It makes me wonder about him and his photos, and maybe that’s by design. Maybe that’s his schtick. In a world where billions of photos are made and posted daily, maybe there’s something to be said for Elmo Tide’s strategy, if he has one. Ok, fine. Mystery can be a catalyst. But I want to get to the bottom of this. Does anyone out there know who the heck Elmo Tide is?



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