Trip to Buenos Aires by Andrew Brauteseth


I love Cities. The warm black silhouettes passing. Block by Block. Every street I’d want to own an Italian Renaissance apartment in. I’m walking down 23 blocks of Avineda Sante Fe. For days I had Subte Fear. Fear of the Subway. Fear of losing myself underground in a Spanish Catacomb. But now I’m rushing to catch the train, and then rushing out to the exit. For no reason. Everyone else is rushing. Everything points to Salida. I’ve had my cultural roots pulled. I feel like I’m in the second chapter of a Satre Novel. Nausea. I’ve been shooting all day and I’m starting to see things in 70-200mm f2.8 with that soft focus in the foreground. Maybe it’s the Jet Lag. Andrew Brauteseth

Andrew Brauteseth is a photographer living and working in Cape Town. Guy with Camera takes you behind the scenes in his work, life and visual experiments and shows the art and craft of making images and falling in love with them. Have a look at his rich website.


3 thoughts on “Trip to Buenos Aires by Andrew Brauteseth

  1. sono bellissime…
    ma quella su cui ho messo il like la trovo molto profumata..
    … ora vado a vedere il sito…
    Buon lavoro.
    PS. ieri ho scattato qualche foto allo gnomo…ma non è
    un buon risultato.
    riproverò… 🙂

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