My friend, the dead tree by Kevin Day


The Berkshire, UK-based photographer Kevin Day has been visiting and documenting one particular tree in a field, snapping photos showing different seasons and different lighting conditions.

I noticed that when the sun rose directly behind the tree from my best viewpoint and the early morning mist lingered and the dissipated at just the right moment, I couldn’t take shots quick enough, the light was changing by the second and I could feel myself actually getting emotional and excited by taking photos of a dead tree!”his wonderful old tree is unchanging over the years and yet I can take hundreds of photos of it during the seasons and very few of them look the same. It is all about the change around the constant.

To shoot a series outdoors you need to be able to maintain an interest over a period of time, so make sure you enjoy the subject matter, and as I have said the most important/changeable factor is the light, so select a subject that looks at its best or comes alive when the light is at its most variable during the seasons – dawn or dusk. What I did enjoy about photographing the same subject over a prolonged period was that through repetition I discovered the best positions and angles for the shots so after a while I could concentrate more on getting the exposures to match what I wanted rather than concentrating on composition.


4 thoughts on “My friend, the dead tree by Kevin Day

    • Non sai quante volte ci ho provato a vedere con occhi diversi lo stesso soggetto di tutti i giorni, spesso con risultati scadenti, è proprio un esercizio di stile.

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