When we’re alone by Flora P.

IMG_9689_kopie2_4_normalFlora P. was born in 1984 Graz/Austria. She discovered her interest in photography through fine art nude modelling. Today she works as a photographer in Vienna and is her own and only model. In a world of ever-present permissiveness Flora P. bares an unexpectedly innocent nudity in her self-shots. She invites the viewer into her world of self reference. The feelings of her self-portraits causes range from sensitive consistent to extremely soft and feminine. It´s a combination of unbridled imagination and elaborate technique. Flora’s pictures are never a “shop window” of a chance; they are scenic performances of intimate, musing moments, seductive revelations and playful attitudes.
Flora P.’s photos invite you to leave the ground of reality for a moment and become part of her fantasies. The Act photography does not act superficially by its appearance and body, but provides a construct for her story, feelings and a snapshot in time, in which one enjoys losing oneself in. Although Flora points the attention to the female nudity, through the sensuality and intimacy of her work this aspect does seem to fade into the background.
It is this aspect that makes Flora’s work utterly fascinating. In times of over-stimulation of nudity, Flora consciously dissociates herself through her high artistic aspirations of the act.

A sensual artwork between self-control and desire.


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