Shark Hunt by Michael Muller


Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Muller’s fascination with sharks started when he was a kid surfing Northern California waves amongst the plentiful great white’s. Since then he has photographed sharks around the world in places such as the Galapagos Islands, South Africa, Fiji and Guadalupe Island.

‘I am very close to the sharks, and actually got knocked over once by 40+ bull sharks swarming me. No cage, no metal suit, just a camera between me and their teeth. ‘With the great whites it’s a little different. At the surface I am in a cage, but get out to get super close. When I dive down to deeper depths, I get completely out of the cage with no protection. Here they are very passive and inquisitive about us. ‘After spending so much time with these animals I’ve realized that we are not on their menu, they are more scared of us than us of them. ‘My wife just joined me a few weeks ago on an expedition I did with Philippe Cousteu, and his board from Earth Eco, and she got out of the cage with me on the first dive! It was quite an amazing experience to share this passion I have and watch it bloom in the woman I love so deeply.’


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