Nature by Magda Wasiczek


“For me photography raises my awareness to the beauty of nature. I’ve learned to see things that are otherwise overlooked, to enjoy the smallest of details, and to revel in the beauty of it all. It became my way of life, my favorite pastime and the cure to all my demons… I do not know who or why, what strength created the world that surrounds us, but I do know that it is an unusual and fascinating world with the smallest details exemplifying pure miracles with every sense of the word. It is not my desire to document or show the world merely the way it is. There are many other photographers who can do that better than I can. instead, I aim to reflect the world through my eyes onto my audience, this idyllic paradise of fairy tales. I hope that looking at my pictures, wakes up the child within each of us, even if for a short time, because the world in the eyes of children is always more colorful , fascinating, mysterious and full of surprises.”  Magda Wasiczek


4 thoughts on “Nature by Magda Wasiczek

    • Non ci avevo fatto caso, sono andato a riguardarmele, in effetti le sfuocature sono molto particolari, Chissà se su ebay si trovato ancora quei vecchi tele russi che andavano tanto vent’anni fa…

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