Two Shots Only by Ricky Chapman

4_20Two shots only, no retakes or retouching, all on medium format. This is Parallax. A project started by Ricky Chapman about a year ago, it documents the people in his New York City life while celebrating the craft of film photography in the moment. – “I think that at the core, people are the real drive for why I photograph, even if there aren’t any in a certain image, so it was a natural choice. I greatly respect the work of photographers who are able in some way to capture the human spirit, some intangible that can be drawn out and registered onto film for as long as that negative exists. As far as street environments go, I’ve always preferred shooting people in a natural setting, with available light. So for this series, as it’s based in NY, that meant a lot of street shooting. I shoot with a Mamiya RZ67, a 110mm 2.8 lens, Ilford B+W film (Delta 400, Delta 3200, and XP2), and only available lighting. That could mean artificial light of course, i.e. a streetlight or indoor lamp, but no lighting was set up or brought to a scene.”


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