Changing my Routes by Mark Littlejohn

7764687590_3650209e67_c“I’d always been an outdoors sort of person but in the winter of 2009/2010 I started doing a lot more hill walking in the English Lake District as a result of very stressful working conditions. It was a very cold winter and the views were tremendous. I had a little Canon compact that I used to stuff in my pocket before setting off but in February 2010 I decided to treat myself to a Pentax K-X D-SLR. Within a couple of months I was changing my routes with photography in mind. Then in July 2010 I bought a 10 stop filter, a Sigma 10-20 lens and photography took over completely. It was strange how the Camera opened my eyes to the beauty of nature when you consider I’d lived in one of the most beautiful parts of the country for a number of years. The ultra wide angle lens also changed the way I looked at photography. I bought it so that I could capture the ‘grand view’ from the tops of the mountains, but quickly realized that in a lot of cases the ultra wide angle could make the view disappear.” ~ Mark Littlejohn


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