Growing Up by Nashalina Schrape

9896520405_5357ed2f1b_zI inherited the need for fairy tale and magical imagery from my mother. she would tell me the story of growing up in east Berlin, post WW2, with barely any food, no heat and only a couple of toys. she had one illustrated children’s book which she looked at all through the nights. By focusing on the beauty and the pixie dust, she was able to cope through a rather bleak period through her life. for myself, growing up, she fed me a steady stream of wonderfully illustrated children books. The ones that left the biggest impression for me where the ones from eastern Europe and Russia. These characters where always warriors, awkward and often outsider personas, who would have to endure dark forests, scary water passages, uncertain terrain. But they would always endure, even rise to greatness. Each would find their nobility, themselves. I seek that salvation in every one of my images.” Nashalina Schrape


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