Outside the Mainstream by Tomasz Gudzowaty

Black-and-White-photography-Tomasz-Gudzowaty-16Tomasz Gudzowaty was born in 1971. He obtained a degree in law at the University of Warsaw. Among his interests are humanistic photography and the classic form of the black and white photo-essay. He began with nature photography and then turned to social documentary and for the last few years he has been focusing on sports photography. He is particularly interested in non-commercial sports, and also those that are not present in the media, sports that are exotic, atypical or somehow outside the mainstream.

6 thoughts on “Outside the Mainstream by Tomasz Gudzowaty

  1. Ohoh sapevo che sarebbe successo… Ci sarà presto una sovrapposizione… Ho giusto un articolo di questo fotografo in bozza che è in pubblicazione questa o la prossima settimana. Se sei d’accordo, a questo punto, metto il tuo articolo come riferimento. D’altronde mi sembra una buona fonte🙂

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