Atmospheric Urbex by Niki Feijen


“After a diversity of photography directions (Landscapes, Sports, Concerts) i discovered Urbex photography. Urbex, short for Urban Exploring is according to Wikipedia: The examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities. So basically visiting and photographing abandoned buildings, tunnels, industry, castles etc. Most of my shots are HDR shots, short for High Dynamic Range. HDR is perfect for low light locations but it has to be subtle. Besides Urbex i have this crazy stairs addiction. I can spend hours underneath a staircase just to take that one awesome shot. When shot right, a stairwell or an atmospheric urbex shot can turn into something very special, almost a piece of art. That’s exactly what i want to show people; The beauty of decay, the Art of Urbex.” Niki Feijen



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