Milky PinUps by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

90943b8d456ab47e0263661dd72b10daLondon-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is a someone who loves pushing the boundaries and stepping outside his comfort zone. He’s known for his high speed photography and pushing it to the extremes, most of the time involving milk! His newest set with milk combines his love for composites and high speed and it shines with some traditional 1940′s pin-ups. After the gallery some BTS on the shooting session.

8859716451_502371311a_o 8856246275_01a41e0f6d_o 8856245655_2a5cfd84bc_o 8856247673_11f0d075f4_o c9ef885206b9620707c7b27b39553c70 a50638418339330fe1107bc4ddff8859 1df13cce619e46e58f87a47275e401b8 9492159571_052d7e3e31_oAnd some more great shot from the same author:

9198423967_ee29b07ebe_o 9198423873_88ab451207_o 9201202586_9ebecec475_o 9198423955_cc0206e16f_o


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