The Impermeability of Things by Ramona Zordini


In her research Ramona Zordini works on the Ambiguity and Transition, using photography as the main medium, then spacing in the creation of sets and printing straddling the borders of the picture. In her works dominates the plasticity of the body and the symbolism of the objects, which are interpreted using their universal meaning. Since 2010, she explores the idea of box as replacement of mnemonic luggage. “I would like the impermeability of things to touch every sensation without filters occasionally my being and I stun, leaving myself imploded, to fill a box of decomposed recollections and reinventing my image and likeness. Ambiguous term, ambiguous place, gesture, thought, your eyes lost in him without entrance, is an eternal moment of transition, there is nothing like yesterday, the filter is to be cleaned”.

5 thoughts on “The Impermeability of Things by Ramona Zordini

  1. quando le ho viste mi hanno quasi disturbato; il giorno dopo non riuscivo a togliermele dalla mente; ora le trovo straordinarie! Grazie del suggerimento: l’idea e le esecuzioni faranno indelebilmente parte della mia memoria

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