A Picture is like a Perfume by David Butali


If one day I had to give up with photography it would be like if I stop to remember. Remembering feelings and lights of a unique moment in the world. A moment that will never be repeated with the same mix of colors, emotions , and lights. Only its image will evoke its magic. The camera is for me the means to try to capture it all. In every photograph I make, whatever the subject, I want, I must to capture the exact feeling of that moment. The final image hasn’t to be exactly as was visible indeed, a picture is like a perfume, it isn’t composed only by its most recognizable ingredients but also hidden and unique flavorings which are no less important in order to return its essence. Aromas, like details of a photograph, characterize the sensory experience , making it unique. A smile of a person with his fears and his dreams , an endless and epic dawn where you feel alone in the world, the intimate and relaxing light of the flame of a fireplace can be an example of all that time unique and unrepeatable. David Butali


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