My Favorite Subjects by Wil Mijer


I always find it hard to tell you something about myself. I will make a small attempt. I live in the new town of the Netherlands, Zeewolde. For my passion, macro photography, you can find me mainly in the nature. I love photographing insects and flowers, but the butterflies are absolutely my favorite subjects. Unfortunately there are many butterfly species extinct in the Netherlands, due to an incorrect cutting policy, but also spraying pesticides. I use a Canon 40D Canon, 100mm macro. MP-E65mm Canon. Twin Flash for Canon. I almost always use my Manfrotto tripod. Wil Mijer

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Subjects by Wil Mijer

  1. Che nostalgia… di raganelle ne trovavo parecchie nelle campagne a nord di Roma, da ragazzino. Ora non piu’. Ma almeno di rane e di rospi ce n’e’ ancora parecchi. Stupenda serie.

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