Something Essential by Jason Travis


By photographing an individual and the items he or she carries with them, Jason Travis reveals a portion of their identity. From the beginning, Jason found the series to be a great segue in connecting with people. “Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones became a part of the enjoyment. I’ve always been willing to photograph anyone who I find compelling, and I generally approach people on the spot, whether it is someone I know or a stranger. I’ve photographed people for Persona all over the US, as well as a few in Europe and Central America.”  “Some of my favorite findings tend to be the most unexpected or surprising. A quirky pipe, micro machines, radishes, or even a pistol may pop up in someone’s bag. Something essential to one person could be meaningless to the next, and I’m interested to hear why. I learn about my own life through the subjects I photograph, and I find that to be fascinating and compelling.” Other Jason’s pictures here.


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