FAQ by CyanideMishka



Who takes your photos?
-Most of my photos are self portraits. If certain one is not, I always mention the photographer in the description.
Will you shoot with me?
-No, I probably won’t unless you’re very close friend of mine or I adore your style.
Can I send you dirty private messages?
-Don’t bother, I never read or respond to them.
Can I draw some of your photos?
-Yes, as long as you give credit.
Can we have a webcam chat?
-No, I’m not your cam girl.
Where are you from?
-That’s none of your business.
How old are you?
-That’s none of your business.
I find nudity offensive, what will you say about it?
-I don’t really give a fuck what you find offensive.
I think your photos are porn and I want to be rude to you, what will you do about it?
-I don’t really give a fuck and I’ll just block you right away.
Do you have facebook?
-No, I don’t use facebook.




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