Showing the Back


There are many reasons why these people posed showing the back in those old photos, may be some did a humorous game with the photographer, others were taken on the spot, others again from the Victorian era, when fashion wanted women in mourning (recognizable by their black clothes) having their photos taken without showing their faces and some slightly newer served as business card and advertising for prostitutes. (via la boite verte)

10 thoughts on “Showing the Back

  1. A good and nice series you presented. i have a questions for you and all of you, if I may kindly ask. What others reasons are relevant for photographers to create images composed from the back of a person ? I am interesting to know. Cheers bart

    • Please do it and show us your photos. I had the same idea, some years ago, but I never did it. We can’t invent nothing, often we just show our point of view about something already said.

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