The Nude in the Irish Landscape – Eamonn Farrell


Canon EOS 5D
Focal Length


My first real interest in photography as opposed to taking photos of my children, came about as a result of the coverage of the Vietnam War by the likes of Don McCullin, Larry Burrows and Eddie Adams etc. In the first instance it was both admiration and disbelieve that men and women could put themselves at such risk to life and limb in pursuance of an image. And secondly, the shocking power of the images of death, destruction, fear, bravery, cowardice and cruelty, that they managed to capture in situations where putting your head up to take a photo, was akin to suicide. The impact of those images and their effect in changing public opinion about the war, convinced me that the still image could be a powerful force in changing the world. And in Ireland a lot of change was required particularly in relation to the position of women in society. Eamonn Farrell.

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2 thoughts on “The Nude in the Irish Landscape – Eamonn Farrell

  1. Beh, un qundicesimo di secondo non è poi così lungo, se il soggetto ne è conscio si può scattare anche con tempi più lenti. 100 anni fa i tempi di posa dei ritratti erano anche di svariati secondi.

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