Sultry Beauties by Igor Koshelev


Igor Koshelev obviously has an eye for beauty that reflects most prominently in his taste for sultry beauties set against scenic backgrounds. Recently his travels have brought him to St. Petersburg, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Philosophical Perspectives by Roger Rossel


Hi, my name is Roger and I am a photographer, among other things. For over 10 years, I’ve been taking pictures of stage arts, working with both companies and solo performers from all around the globe and have been published in different media. My personal work is based on the research about the concepts of identity, privacy and intimacy, mainly from sociological and philosophical perspectives as starting point, and focusing more on the action of taking the picture (or the previous action) than the image itself. I like to work about, from and with the human being both as end and means. I work a lot with nudity, I think a nude human body usually lacks of any sociocultural context, and that’s a good starting point. And besides that, I like the human body. Roger Rossel

“Addicted” by Thomas Illhardt


Thomas Illhardt discovered the fascination for photography in the early 1980ies. Under the artistically guidance of the photographer Thomas Blie he created his first independent works. Since then the subject ‘€œphotography’ is compensation for Illhardts creativity, though not with definite subject-matters by this time. When he discovered the first photo forums on the web in 2002 he finally was addicted to photography. Therewith his focus shifted: portrait, nude and the legacy of socialism, best all together, became key aspects of his work. But also landscapes are playing a prominent role in his photos.

Often Tasteless by Andrew Lucas


Andrew Lucas is a Russian photographer whose main subject is often the nude female form. His works are often tasteless, sometimes over the top and borderline misogynistic, but also for some reason inexplicably compelling.

The Impermeability of Things by Ramona Zordini


In her research Ramona Zordini works on the Ambiguity and Transition, using photography as the main medium, then spacing in the creation of sets and printing straddling the borders of the picture. In her works dominates the plasticity of the body and the symbolism of the objects, which are interpreted using their universal meaning. Since 2010, she explores the idea of box as replacement of mnemonic luggage. “I would like the impermeability of things to touch every sensation without filters occasionally my being and I stun, leaving myself imploded, to fill a box of decomposed recollections and reinventing my image and likeness. Ambiguous term, ambiguous place, gesture, thought, your eyes lost in him without entrance, is an eternal moment of transition, there is nothing like yesterday, the filter is to be cleaned”.

Seemingly Impossible by John Crawford

john_crawford_02John+Crawford+nudesJohn Crawford is a New Zealand based photographer who did a lot of commercial work back in the 80’s. He spent much of his time in helicopters and light airplanes, and became fascinated with looking at the world from a bird’s eye perspective. In 1984, between shoots, he had an idea for a personal project called Aerial Nudes, the results of which you see here. The project lasted for three years, from 1984 to 1987, when Crawford dedicated his spare time to meticulously planning and executing each shot, dreaming up ever more surreal scenarios. “Part of the thrill was coming up with the ideas, which in some cases were seemingly impossible, and making it work,” he says. “I’d hire a small fixed-wing aircraft for an hour and hunt for abstract details in the landscape where I could strategically place a nude. I would shoot reference images of each location, which I would print. On these, with a black ink pen I would sketch little stick figures and add the various props I would need.” [via IndependentUK]