Africa by Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao

Looking at the map while sipping coffee from the comfort of home, the drive from the capital of Swaziland, through southern Mozambique and back through South Africa looked pretty straightforward. Google maps even gave driving times and street directions the same as if we were trying to get to a Starbucks in Hollywood.

Gone it seemed were the days of Hemingway’s Africa, swallowed up by this endless planet-shrinking media. (Never mind the deeply complex reality of Africa, we’re talking adventure fantasy here.)

Ten days, three flat tires, one attempted mugging, one corrupt border official, countless wild animal sightings and several bottles of Mozambique’s finest beer and South Africa’s worst wine later… we can humbly attest to the incredibly obvious fact that even in the age of Facebook, Google maps, GPS and all the rest of it, the world is still a big, beautiful and fairly scary place.

Jessica Haye and Clark Hsiao’s website


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