Imperfect Pictures by Jonathan Leder


New York based fashion photographer Jonathan Leder is still using film when taking photos, and I must say, his portfolio is amazing. There’s a consistency in the feel and look, but within that he manages to show off an amazing versatility. “I hate pictures that tell no story at all. I cant stand boring studio fashion pictures that just try to sell people clothes. Its so meaningless.  My pictures arent perfect, and they are not the best, and not all are good; but at least i can say i am trying for something. To provoke something. To make people feel something when they look at them.  They are just way too many cold, perfect, retouched, meaningless photos out there. I wish there werent.”



Elliptical Marks by Jacob Everett

jacob-everett-10-600x600Jacob Everett’s drawings are based from photographs, and he uses a grid method on paper and then concentrates on one section at a time. “I produce large-scale portraits using an intricate technique of overlapping elliptical marks, which gradually build to represent the subtle contours of the face.”

Human Photography by Martin Waldbauer

Martin-Waldbauer-part2-9Human photography for me is the most interesting and at the same time the most difficult field of photography. To show a person like he/she is or rather depict he/she in the way I see him/her demand a great deal and is often connected to a grain of luck. I prefer photos showing a moment of melancholy, sensuality, sadness, honesty or desperation. Happiness is not expressed in my photos very often. The most particular challenge for me is to entice somebodies deepest inside and to mug him/her exactly in that moment. Thereby, it is regardless if man, woman, old or young is being photographed. Martin Waldbauer

Urban Exploration by Jared Lim

jaredlim02In and around modern buildings around the world, Jared Lim has shown an intense passion to find geometry, lines, and curves but, most of all, he’s astute at finding patterns. “Urban Exploration consists of photos I took during the course of my full-time, travel-related career,” he tells us. “Since most of the places I travel to are major cities, architecture is the prevailing theme. I have loved geometry since I was a kid. Even when I was young, I loved to create repeated patterns and designs at school.”

Blackwater by Joshua Lambus


In his collection of underwater portraits entitled Blackwater Joshua Lambus captures each luminous body as it glows brightly against a dark black background. The adventurous photographer does all of the work, diving deep into the sea to find these exciting and unusual creatures. Viewers are later invited to get to know each magnificent detail while remaining on dry land.

High Speed by Alan Sailer

alan_sailer_80Alan Sailer is an artist that specializes in high-speed photography. He has a penchant for shooting and blowing up things up like fruit, household items or stuff he finds at flea markets, thrift store and yard sales. The results are posted to his wildly active and entertaining Flickr page where he discusses his process and responds to questions and comments. Alan works out of his garage using a homemade high-speed flash device that’s based off an article from a 1974 volume of the Scientific American.