Collapsing Ruins by Johnny Joo


At the age of 16, I started to explore various areas around where I lived and quickly grew to love what I would find on explorations, whether it was through nature or abandoned structures. I shortly after began to capture the world around me, the things I see and how I see them. I wanted to share with people these beautiful places as well as I can, and through a lens was how I could shape these visions. On the side of everything else I have loved to photograph, around the age of 16 I  became intrigued with urban exploration upon the discovery of an abandoned farm house in the city of Kirtland, OH. My mother, step father and myself were on our way to my sisters house when I had spotted it and asked if we could pull into the drive way to check it out. The way the roof was caved in, covered in bright moss attracted my attention. It was beautiful. We pulled into the drive and walked from our car up to the entrance of this falling structure…

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Rainy Cityscapes by Eduard Gordeev


Eduard Gordeev is a talented photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia who captured a series of artistic photos of rainy cityscape. The resulting images are atmospheric and impressive with a bit of effect of acrylic paintings. The urban streets seem drenched in rain and mystery.

New York City Above as Below by Alex Teuscher


“All these shots were taken pretty much following the usual tourist trail in Manhattan… the locations along that trail are iconic for a reason. I wanted to present them differently however, like the Chrysler and Empire state buildings in different compositions than they are usually seen in. I also wanted black and white, to really simplify and make it about light, contrast and strength of composition (to varying degrees of success if I must be honest) in the street scenes below and in the architecture above.” Alex Teuscher

Beyond the Completion by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada


Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is a Cuban American contemporary artist. He is a founder of the New York Culture Jamming movement and an innovator in the international urban art scene. Since the late 90´s he has been replacing the faces of cultural icons chosen by advertisers with the faces of anonymous people to question the controls imposed on public space, the role models designated and the type of events that are guarded by the collective memory.  His large scale time base works avoid negative impact on the environment, challenge the conformity in contemporary art and allow for a reflection that goes beyond the completion of the piece to focus in its concept, process, and the metaphor that comes forth because of the material chosen.

Decay by Matthias Haker


Matthias Haker‘s ‘Decay’ series chooses to focus on the rare beauty of decrepit spaces. The German born photographer is a media computer science student who began taking pictures in 2008. He has since developed an expansive portfolio with images of landscapes, weddings, people, urban activity and architecture. Peeling, rusted ceilings and chipped floors laden with sawdust prove to be quite alluring. The abandoned scenes were once occupied by families, health practices and students, evidenced by the moldy cribs and dental chairs.

A Different Side by Seph Lawless


Ohio-based photographer Seph Lawless has documented two abandoned malls which were once gleaming symbols of the US’s booming economy. Originally built in the 1970s, the spookily deserted shopping centres – Rolling Acres and and Randall Park Mall – once employed close to 5,000 staff. “The goal was to show the world a different side of America. A vulnerable side,” said Lawless. “I think an abandoned mall is symbolic of the economic decline of America and is a true indication of what happens when cities like Cleveland suffers massive population loss due to loss of manufacturing jobs. Cleveland has lost nearly half its population since these malls opened in the mid 1970.”

Often Unusual by Eric Dufour


Through this photo blog, I offer an invitation to travel, to discover nature in all its forms, especially in the Beaujolais region and its surroundings. The landscapes that attract me are often unusual but have the charm and authenticity typical this magnificent region. The particular architectural design, minimalism, unusual landscapes and black and white have a special attraction which attracts me. Eric Dufour