A Sense of Danger by Nicola Kuperus


By focussing his lens on woman’s legs and placing them in precarious and often sinister situations, Nicola Kuperus has managed to create a series of photographs that are not only suggestive of the female form, but also vivid in their storytelling. Often the other half of the subject is out of frame or hidden in someway, evoking a sense of danger or intrigue and exposing the fragility and vulnerability of the naked leg. Kuperus also keeps to a slightly 1950/60s feel with all of the pairs of pins adorned with heels and the sets dressed with Chevys and Cadillacs.


Master of Shadows by Dragan Todorović


Dragan Todorović is a master of shadows, silhouettes and doorways. He manages to put a lot of mystery and mood into his photos.



Yes. As someone could have got it I took some days for myself and my family. So what about my daily post on the blog? Well, where I am now internet is very slow and I’ve just got my smartphone to connect with the world… too difficult. I still have a couple of articles to post until the end of the month, but if you really have the urge to find inspiration, watching some very good photography, in the meantime, why don’t you discover my huge archive? Surf through more than one thousand articles using the tags on the right side of the page or selecting a categorie or, again, select a month, there’s so much to see ! See you soon.


Pictures… by me 🙂

A Major Accomplishment by David Thompson


I’m an ordinary guy that enjoys photography and loves the outdoors. Having lived in the southwest for the majority of my life I came to appreciate the outdoors at an early age. Growing up in New Mexico, my parents would take me on fishing and camping trips to nearby lakes. Being that we lived so close to White Sands National Monument, day trips on the weekend were frequent. They would let me run around the dunes and explore. I would climb to the top of the dunes in triumph, thinking I achieved a major accomplishment. Once I was at the top of the dunes, I would just gaze at the amazing vista. With age, I grew more intrigued with the outdoors and landscape photography. As my eyes opened to this beautiful world and with a camera in my hand, my appreciation has become a deep passion of mine expressed through my photography. David Thompson

“Convicted” from Sidney Living Museums

FP07_0219_002Convicted of bigamy and theft. By the age of 24 Alice Cooke had amassed an impressive number of aliases and at least two husbands. Described by police as ‘rather good looking’, Cooke was a habitual thief and a convicted bigamist. Aged 24. 1922

Mugshots of convicted women from Sidney Living Museums. That’s art ! Please notice the great light in these pictures, here are some incredible portraits.

149Valerie Lowe and Joseph Messenger were arrested in 1921 for breaking into an army warehouse and stealing boots and overcoats to the value of 29 pounds 3 shillings. 1922 Continue reading

Decay by Matthias Haker


Matthias Haker‘s ‘Decay’ series chooses to focus on the rare beauty of decrepit spaces. The German born photographer is a media computer science student who began taking pictures in 2008. He has since developed an expansive portfolio with images of landscapes, weddings, people, urban activity and architecture. Peeling, rusted ceilings and chipped floors laden with sawdust prove to be quite alluring. The abandoned scenes were once occupied by families, health practices and students, evidenced by the moldy cribs and dental chairs.

Still Learning by Zhangning


“None of my pictures is HDR. i am a beginner. still learning how to handle camera and know nothing about technical side of shooting pictures. all my pictures are from my trips around my large and diverse country.” Zhangning