Flowers and Landscapes by Jacob Edmiston


I am Jacob Edmiston.Right now i am an 18 year old amateur photographer. I am still trying to learn more techniques of photography and improve my editing skills. I discovered that i liked the hobby of photography in 2008. I love to take pictures of nature! I really like flowers and landscapes. (Unfortunately where I live there are no amazing landscapes, just cornfields.)


Water Drops by Dave Wood


I started playing around with photography in September 2009 after borrowing a friends Nikon, and I now find my self addicted. Macro work has become my favourite category, water drops to be more precise! In 2013 I’m hoping to buy an electronic kit to help me capture some high speed collisions of these water drops. Dave Wood

It’s the Sum that Makes the Photo by Ursula Abresch


“There’s more to a moment than what you see with your eyes.There are the thoughts at the time, the sounds, the smells, what you touch … and more. All these are real and integral to my photography.It’s the sum that makes the photo”  Ursula Abresch


How I Created the Bokeh Effect in “Seedlings” by Ursula Abresch4

Winners of the B&H Wilderness Photo Competition


B&H announced the grand prize winner of the B&H Wilderness Photo Competition as Jamie MacArthur’s “A Splash of Blue” from the Birding category. The B&H Wilderness Contest asks that you explore your world with a camera and understand that without conservation, what you photograph stands a chance of not being photographed by the next generation. Conservation is about awareness and your photographs and travel can make a difference.The other 8 categories are comprised of skilled and artistic photographers whose photographs were chosen from thousands upon thousands of entries.

A Photographer by Night by Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel


“I work as a Technology Marketing Manager by day but I am a photographer by night. I was trained in photography by Ken Light at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco where I had a work scholarship back in the 80s, but I didn’t pick up a camera after than for 20 years! A Dutchman living in Surrey England, since rediscovering photography with a digital camera I have been lucky enough to have had my macro work on the front page of Flickr a few times, and featured on the BBC and…” read more on Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel website.

My Favorite Subjects by Wil Mijer


I always find it hard to tell you something about myself. I will make a small attempt. I live in the new town of the Netherlands, Zeewolde. For my passion, macro photography, you can find me mainly in the nature. I love photographing insects and flowers, but the butterflies are absolutely my favorite subjects. Unfortunately there are many butterfly species extinct in the Netherlands, due to an incorrect cutting policy, but also spraying pesticides. I use a Canon 40D Canon, 100mm macro. MP-E65mm Canon. Twin Flash for Canon. I almost always use my Manfrotto tripod. Wil Mijer

Downright Magical by Nordin Seruyan


Indonesia-based photographer Nordin Seruyan uses photography to unveil a tiny world that often goes unnoticed by human eyes. Using a macro approach, he zooms in on the diverse and flourishing insect life of Southeast Asia, capturing extraordinary images that appear downright magical in their exquisite detail and beauty.