Through my Eyes by Hameed Moinuddin

7266948796_88fabda514_zHameed Moinuddin was born in Nuneaton, England and has been living in Karachi,Pakistan since his early childhood. He ventured into the world of photography around 3 years back when he acquired his first camera, a Nikon D60 as a birthday present from his father. His first instinct was to start clicking. To just walk out and start capturing what was around him, his environment. He posted the photos on photo sharing websites and started getting appreciation. This basic appreciation motivated him. It spurred him on to keep clicking. Now the camera is an extension of himself.


Experimental Photographer by Mohd Azlan

7248295922_9659a1b4d3_zMohd Azlan (aka M.A.M08) is a senior diagnostic radiographer, fine art and experimental photographer, writer, and photography lecturer. He was born in Balik Pulau, Penang in 1974, has studied at the University of Malaya Medical Centre, and graduated in Medical Imaging (1996). Mohd has had a formal education in fundamentals, basics and principles of Photography during his undergraduate studies in the College of Medical Imaging, University of Malaya. He used to previously work with digital photographic technology but now has converted back to medium format, analogue photography, alternative hand tinting, and photographic painting.

Human Figure Walking by Htet T San

thefrailsecond-7Each of the photographs by Htet T San shows a human figure walking, running, or playing on the beach. They appear to be reflections, but look closer and you’ll see that neither up nor down shows the real world. The images are disorienting due to the fact that they’re actually blended composite images created by stacking multiple images.

The Right Moment by sholgk

7326722974_2274ceb0bb_zIn his photos, ‘sholgk’ manages to capture his subject’s state and keep a permanent record of their story in a subtle look or a candid smile, at the right moment under the right circumstances as they go so naturally about their lives. The play of light and shadows and everything in between registered elegantly convey his talent and gives his model the stage to come forward and shine.

Our True Selves by Patrick Rochon

PATRICK_ROCHON_works2_13To me, light painting is an expression of our true selves. Through science, we now know that our bodies emit light. So in a way, we’ve been and are constantly light painting, leaving a trace of light behind. Patrick Rochon

Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera. The term light painting also encompasses images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources. Light Painting Photography can be traced back to the year 1914 when Frank Gilbreth, along with his wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth, used small lights and the open shutter of a camera to track the motion of manufacturing and clerical workers. Man Ray, in his 1935 series “Space Writing,” was the first known art photographer to use the technique and Barbara Morgan began making light paintings in 1940. (wikipedia)

Growing Up by Nashalina Schrape

9896520405_5357ed2f1b_zI inherited the need for fairy tale and magical imagery from my mother. she would tell me the story of growing up in east Berlin, post WW2, with barely any food, no heat and only a couple of toys. she had one illustrated children’s book which she looked at all through the nights. By focusing on the beauty and the pixie dust, she was able to cope through a rather bleak period through her life. for myself, growing up, she fed me a steady stream of wonderfully illustrated children books. The ones that left the biggest impression for me where the ones from eastern Europe and Russia. These characters where always warriors, awkward and often outsider personas, who would have to endure dark forests, scary water passages, uncertain terrain. But they would always endure, even rise to greatness. Each would find their nobility, themselves. I seek that salvation in every one of my images.” Nashalina Schrape

Colorful Butterflies by Jürgen Gerstmayr

9800839303_4c259b71f4_zJürgen Gerstmayr is a macro photographer from Germany. Most of the photos he takes are of soft, colorful butterflies. But he’s also into shooting other insects, flowers, and nature in general.