The Correspondents – Fear & Delight, the videoclip by Naren Wilks


This is for my editor friends, the “impossible to do” videoclip Fear and Delight, a great idea and a great technique in shooting and editing for an incredible result, the behind the scene and interview with the director Naren Wilks follows the clip.


Hollywood’s Elite by Brian Hamill


Brian Hamill is another photographer who worked through two golden decades for incredible imagery – the ’60s and the ’70s. Beginning his career in the ’60s as a photojournalist shooting everything from the rock scene, politics, celebrities and sports, Hamill eventually found himself in Northern Ireland during the early ’70s. Working for the New York Times, Hamill was snapping amazing images of the explosive conflict around him. Around the same time, Hamill was also developing his skills as a unit photographer on movie sets, building a portfolio that includes candid photographs of Hollywood’s elite between and during takes on some the greatest movies ever made. HIs forte became Woody Allen films culminating in Hamill publishing his coffee table photobook entitled “Woody Allen At Work: The Photographs of Brian Hamill”

I Shoot Friends by Jonathan Kos-Read


Jonathan Kos-Read (born 1973), also known as Cao Cao, is an American actor in film and television in China. While well known in China, his work is little-known in his native country. “I shoot actresses and actors on our sets. Between films, to relax, I shoot friends, models and street photography. I never shoot for money. Acting is an artistic job. I betray it for a paycheck. So I keep this part of my artistic life pure. I know not everybody has that luxury so if you need money, I pay.” (via modelmayhem)

10424737044_6a677fb371_hJonathan Kos-Read

Print your photos

A couple loses nearly everything — except for a Polaroid photo — during a massive electromagnetic storm in an age where everything is digital and holographic.

Paris, 2020.
A beautiful couple, a city over-saturated by holograms and digital stream.
A polaroid camera.
Tomorrow will never be the same.

Written, Directed and post-produced by Francois Ferracci.
With Luka Kellou and Magali Heu
Music by Alexandre fortuit

Making of visual effects here:

An interview about the film here:

Behind the scenes stills from famous movies

Behind the scenes stills from famous movies
Dietro le quinte di alcuni famosi film, immagini simpatiche e curiose.

Le Miroir – La vita in cinque minuti

Notevolissimo cortometraggio che ci racconta la storia della vita, vista dallo specchio del bagno, di un bambino mentre cresce. Malinconico ed efficace, grande sforzo in fase di ripresa (chiedetevi dov’è la macchina da presa) e in fase di montaggio, cinque minuti ben spesi, un bravo a Ramon & Pedro. E per chi non si accontenta c’è il dietro le quinte. Stupendo.

Visita il sito di Ramon & Pedro.

Street View

Circa tre mesi fa ho lavorato alla produzione di un filmato per la Banca Mediolanum che, da un idea di Alberto Brugnoni, regista e ideatore del progetto, propone una particolare tecnica di ripresa che mescola fotografie e filmati, riprende un po’ quello che fa Google Maps con il suo Street View. Ho lavorato con un team di professionisti preparati e simpatici uscendo un po’ dai soliti schemi. Sul set oltre che occuparmi delle riprese e delle foto ho documentato il dietro le quinte del filmato.

Creativity e Direction: Alberto Brugnoni
Copywriter: Guido Sapienza
Photography Director: Angelo Volponi
Camera Director: Sandro Esposito
Assistant Direction and Editing Film: Davide Azzigana
Graphics Designed and Special Effects: Fabio Bompani
Production: Luigi Castelli
Executive Production: Angela Grimaldi
Set Designer: Vincenzo Palombo and Barbara Pederzoli
Music Composer: Giuliano Giulius Lanza
Makeup and Hair: Elena Marchesi
Lighting: Paolo Vivoda e Ego Piano
Specialist Film: Pietro Dimasi