To Raise Awareness by Belo


To raise awareness among the general public about the global clean water crisis, the artist Belo created an image composed of 66,000 cups of colored rainwater simulating levels of impurities found in water all over the planet. This major work of 3,600 square feet, representing a fetus in the maternal womb, emphasizes the necessity of water, even before birth, for each living person. Fun Facts: 66,000 compostable and biodegradable cups, 15,000 liters of colored rainwater, 1 kg of vegetable dye, more than 100 volunteers, 62 hours of work, placed end to end the 66,000 cups would measure 5.2 km long. Belo


Improbabilità by Giuseppe Colarusso


Italian photographer and photo manipulator Giuseppe Colarusso created a series of surreal photographs, titled Improbabilità, showing various household objects and scenes with a twist. Many of the photographs may look rather normal upon first glance, but then it dawns on you: what you see doesn’t quite make sense.

Death is at Focus by Izima Kaoru


Renowned fashion photographer Izima Kaoru collaborates with famous Japanese actresses to stage elaborate death scenes that remind us how variously the world’s cultures handle the subjects of beauty and death. This new monograph of Kaoru’s latest work poses the question, “Why cannot a corpse be beautiful?”

Kaoru’s narratives, which are generally suggested by the subject herself, present a heroine who is perfect in her demise. Clothed in Yohji Yamamoto or Jil Sander, the young beauty is captured from multiple viewpoints – each an elegant composition based on the figure in a landscape. Setting, cause of death and attire are key elements in Kaoru’s unconventional photographs.

Wedding Invitations


Matt and Manny are getting married and created these brilliant invitations.

Revenge by Ellen Von Unwerth

Shot entirely in black and white, in Von Unwerth’s signature style, the exhibition is a playful and sexy narrative of sisters sent away to their aunt’s chateau, by their anguished mother, who has just lost “her husband, his ex, her brother, and his wife” in a cable car crash. With childhood memories of their aunt’s extravagant and luxurious lifestyle, the girls look forward to the adventure, only to arrive and face the disappointment of serving to their aunt’s — and her staff’s — twisted whims. Finally able to free themselves from her clutches, the book ends with the aunt receiving her just desserts.(from Photography-Now)

Read and watch the whole story.

More about Ellen Von Unwerth.

Micro Waves

Australian photographer Deb Morris is a master of micro wave photography. While her brand of photography isn’t a globally popularized branch of the medium, it is absolutely breathtaking and bound to lead more photographers to discovering its visually magnetic allure. Her innovative collection known as WAVEART features shots that get in close to capture the magnificence of the most subtle ripples of water, turning them into majestic swirls of light.

Inspirational photography by Cade Martin

Washington D.C.-based photographer Cade Martin has an inspirational body of work that lean heavily towards grace and buoyancy. He celebrates the human form with the environment, setting off the former against fantastically lit backdrops like perfectly clipped foliage and weathered architecture. It all works out to be pretty uplifting stuff.