High Above the City by Valerio D’Ospina


Valerio D’Ospina takes us high above the city, with straight, forceful lines and dramatic viewpoints. He renders a bird’s-eye view of  the metropolis, revealing a powerful city through  the heights of its splendid skyscrapers.


Boredom On The Train by October Jones


This Guy Has An Ingenious Solution For Avoiding Boredom On The Train. Have a look at his twitter page.

Underwater by Eric Zener

adrift_30x40_2007Looking through artist Eric Zener‘s underwater paintings, you start to immediately remember what it feels like to be immersed in cool, clear water. That moment when the world’s worries wash away and a sense of calmness overtakes your body. Zener calls that shared feeling our “quest for refuge and peace beneath the chaos of life.”


Not Asleep by Ann Keel

4_16I began to photograph in 2009, I didn’t have a DSLR camera at that time so I used my webcam. The first photo-manipulations I ever did were made with it. Then I bought a Canon 450D, which I sold a few months ago. I started to photograph because I realized that I could use this media as a language, same way as I use painting or drawing. I already used those mediums, but I still had a lot to express. So much! What I especially liked about photography is the way I could express things quickly. Painting takes much more time, even sometimes I work on pictures as I work on canvas. Ann Keel


Elliptical Marks by Jacob Everett

jacob-everett-10-600x600Jacob Everett’s drawings are based from photographs, and he uses a grid method on paper and then concentrates on one section at a time. “I produce large-scale portraits using an intricate technique of overlapping elliptical marks, which gradually build to represent the subtle contours of the face.”

Expressions in the Shower by Alyssa Monks


“When I began painting the human body, I was obsessed with it and needed to create as much realism as possible. I chased realism until it began to unravel and deconstruct itself,” Alyssa states, “I am exploring the possibility and potential where representational painting and abstraction meet – if both can coexist in the same moment.” Alyssa Monks

More of her amazing Paintings.