Anamorphic Places by Ella and Pitr


The French duo Ella & Pitr photographed abandoned places that contain anamorphic illusions. The latter often is a distorted perspective requiring a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.


She’s Mostly into Self Portrait by Celine Taylor


Celine Taylor is a 16 year-old aspiring young photographer who has been shooting for nearly 3 years now. She takes pictures of various kinds of stuff though she’s mostly into self portrait and conceptual photography. Celine shoots with both a Nikon D5000 and a Pentax K1000.

A Sense of Purpose by Linda Trine


“ I have been practicing photography about 4 years now, with a primary focus on nature photography. I have always loved being outside in nature and photography has added to a sense of purpose in my excursions outdoors. Shooting macro shots has opened a new world that I didn’t know existed. Seeing a close-up of a butterfly sipping nectar from a flower or the details of a flower unfolding never cease to amaze me. Photography is a hobby that I don’t think I will ever grow bored with. “  Linda Trine

A Swirling World by Ibai Acevedo


Born in 1984, Ibai Acevedo is a photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. A man who knows his trade, starting with the camera and ending with the digital dark room. An avalanche of colors mixed in a swirling world of reality and dreams.

emotional walls by Jeff Vaillancourt


Jeff Vaillancourt – “I photograph people on the streets and sometimes document the conversations that take place. In this project I have let down my emotional walls and barriers. I’m honest and upfront about my feelings and I can only hope that the portraits I take reflect that.”

Unanswered Questions by Miguel A. Cuesta


Explore the dark and fascinating work of photographer Miguel A. Cuesta from Málaga, Spain. His photographs are characterized by light and dark contrasts and a lot of experimentation. Miguel said his inspiration comes from unanswered questions, which explains his fascination for the obscure, the chaos and the issues of life and death.
He manipulates his images to get surreal and ghostly atmospheres. According to Miguel, editing is essential in his work, is what makes it possible to mold their imagination through images.