Telenovelas – Stefan Ruiz

A poor beautiful woman is rescued by a wealthy prince. Before they can happily live together both protagonists have to go through many obstacles and deal with many evil people. The plot is known as the “Cinderella” story, and Telenovelas are the Latin American soap operas that endlessly apply this plot to a hugely successful form of entertainment.
Called The Factory of Dreams, no one produces more telenovelas than Mexican’s Televisa studios. Telenovelas and its protagonists are a powerful vehicle to understand contemporary Latin American culture and its society. Stefan Ruiz‘s photographs of the factory of dreams and the people working in it disclose this secret world to us with humor and affection. All Images are shot in the Televisa Studios, Mexico City.

Stefan Ruiz was born in San Francisco, and studied painting and sculpture at the University of California (Santa Cruz) and the Accademia di Belle Arti (Venice, Italy). He took up photography while in West Africa, documenting Islam’s influence on traditional West African art. He taught art at San Quentin State Prison from 1992-1998, and began to work professionally as a photographer in 1994. He has worked editorially for magazines including Colors (for whom he was Creative Director, 2003-04), The New York Times Magazine, L’uomo Vogue, Wallpaper*, The Guardian Weekend, Telegraph Magazine and Rolling Stone. His award winning advertising campaigns include Caterpillar, Camper, Diesel, Air France and Costume National.


H2O + HUmAnS – Luca di Filippo

A solution of water and happy human beings distilled in backlit.
No faces, just bodies and gestures against a wall of water.
A tale of joy and silent happy screams during some warm mornings.

Photos by Luca di Filippo. Creative director, photographer and designer based in London.

Traveling Dream – Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Photos by Angela Bacon-Kidwell

My photography comes from a life long obsession of exploring how my subconscious generates my dreams. As I move through my day, I am keenly aware of my encounters with people, places and things. I mentally record the details of these situations, and the physical or emotional responses that they evoke. These fleeting associations replay themselves in my dreams. The random moments combine to form sleep stories that are rich narratives, ripe with symbolism. With that as my model, I construct sets, use props and invite myself and models to perform in a natural, intuitive way. In essence, I attempt to create a waking dream. For me, it is about being in the moment of a planned vision. That is were I’m most connected to my creativity.

Numerous layers of hand painted photographs, drawings and resin make up a single image. The final results are a complex layering process and not complete digital manipulations. The image is printed and re-photographed under various conditions in one final effort to heal the tender wounds that bind my own existence.

Original Dogging – Kohei Yoshiyuki

No need to comment. Photos by Kohei Yoshiyuki

How to photograph with a pencil

Italian artist Diego Fazio, better known as DiegoKoi, is bound to blow you away with his incredible drawing skills. One of his newer pieces titled Sensazioni is an unbelievably hyperrealistic pencil drawing of a woman that has caused people to question the truth of its medium. Is it really done in pencil? The answer is an impressively resounding “Yes!”

Polaroid Portraits – Patrick Hoelck

Patrick Hoelck’s work resonates because it does not hide, pervert, destroy, or malign.
Instead, it emboldens an individual for who they are. Sexuality and celebrity status are
consequential of being human—of being a man or woman, actor or actress, singer or
musician, model or cult personality. Glamour and attitude are consequential of
one’s pride and self-respect. Hoelck’s work captures these symptoms at face value.

Kids by Glazastik Finch

Though not much is known about Glazastik Finch, the 28-year-old photographer behind these adorable photos of children, her unique style speaks for itself.