Innocence by Santu Mondal


“I love taking pictures and traveling around my city. Child portrait and child activity are my favorite. I love their expression innocence and trying to capture with my cam. Although I am a beginner in photography got my first camera in 2012.” Santu Mondal


Pictorial Language by Ava Pivot


Pictures that require a strong sensuality and tell stories characterize the work of Ava Pivot. Having an extensive empathy for her models, numerous actors have up to now gladly betaken themselves to Ava for intimate and remarkable photos. Gaining an increasing popularity in fashion and photography magazines, her nude photography decorates meanwhile a large number of international galleries. Always looking for soul and emotions in her pictures, she agrees with Coco Chanel’s point of view: “Female nudity has to be given to men with a teaspoon, not a ladle”. Ava’s remarkable feeling for the use of daylight and her very own pictorial language through playing with depth of field, perspective and back light make her pictures so intense.”

You Can See Their Souls by Peter Levi


I am not my work. I am a photographer, writer, a loving husband and father. I read a quote at someones profile that just stuck in my head, because it describes so well how I feel concerning bw. It goes something like this and if I got it wrong I appologize: “When you photograph people in color you can see the color of their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you can see their souls! ”  AND this one: “I suggest though, that if we strive for perfect, digitally processed images and prints, the further away we might get from our own fallibility and accident prone humanity.”- Michael Kenna.
Anyway, Be happy with what you got, it can ALWAYS get worse.
Life is a journey, not a destination… Peter Levi

Kings Cross by Greg Marsden


“I’ve had a number of life experiences that have shaped how I see the world and take pictures.  From playing bass in a pre-Guns N’ Roses band with Slash and Steve Adler to working in combat zones in Central America and the Middle East to busting bad guys as an undercover cop in Germany. I’ve traveled significantly throughout America, Asia, and Europe; was in Berlin for the fall of the wall and at the flash point in South Central Los Angeles during the LA riots. I’m a trained psychologist and more recently was a senior executive in a large corporation.  A few years ago I decided to ditch the tie, follow a passion, and take pictures full-time. I’ve never been poorer. Or happier.” Greg Marsden‘s   series Kings Cross evokes some neon nostalgia. And although the surface is barely scratched, there’s plenty of genuine daylight Cross moments captured to give the uninitiated a sneak peak into its world; a world where hookers, junkies, flunkies, yuppies and everything in-between live in an imperfect, dysfunctional harmony of sleaze.

The Biggest Challenge by Thomas Leuthard


Thomas Leuthard is a street photographer from Switzerland who travels around the World to witness and document life on the streets. He has written several ebooks about Street Photography which can be downloaded for free on his website. “The biggest challenge, after years of shooting in the streets, is definitely to see new and interesting things. No matter where you walk, people are people and those people do things average people normally do. Thomas Leuthard keeps walking down the street in order to get new views, new frames and facing the challenge of street photography over and over again. Have a look at some of his shots from the past months and years. Take a journey around the world looking through his passionate, creative eyes at the ordinary life happening on the street. “

Showing the Back


There are many reasons why these people posed showing the back in those old photos, may be some did a humorous game with the photographer, others were taken on the spot, others again from the Victorian era, when fashion wanted women in mourning (recognizable by their black clothes) having their photos taken without showing their faces and some slightly newer served as business card and advertising for prostitutes. (via la boite verte)

Sultry Beauties by Igor Koshelev


Igor Koshelev obviously has an eye for beauty that reflects most prominently in his taste for sultry beauties set against scenic backgrounds. Recently his travels have brought him to St. Petersburg, Singapore and Hong Kong.