A World Behind the Scene by Mary Ellen Mark


Since the late 1960s, I have worked on many film sets. Sometimes a magazine assigns me a story but, more often, I am hired by the film studio as what is called a “special stills photographer.” A special stills photographer works on a film set for any number of days or weeks and makes photographs which are used for publicity or advertising. The advertising pictures are for the one-sheet poster–usually, the concept and design of the poster is the work of the advertising art director and the film company, and I collaborate with them very closely to produce what is needed. The publicity photographs are used for magazine covers and stories. I make some portraits of actors in the studio, but most often they are taken behind the scenes, which has always been one of my preferred ways of working, especially in a surreal atmosphere like that of a film set. Mary Ellen Mark

Hollywood’s Elite by Brian Hamill


Brian Hamill is another photographer who worked through two golden decades for incredible imagery – the ’60s and the ’70s. Beginning his career in the ’60s as a photojournalist shooting everything from the rock scene, politics, celebrities and sports, Hamill eventually found himself in Northern Ireland during the early ’70s. Working for the New York Times, Hamill was snapping amazing images of the explosive conflict around him. Around the same time, Hamill was also developing his skills as a unit photographer on movie sets, building a portfolio that includes candid photographs of Hollywood’s elite between and during takes on some the greatest movies ever made. HIs forte became Woody Allen films culminating in Hamill publishing his coffee table photobook entitled “Woody Allen At Work: The Photographs of Brian Hamill”

Stars by Nikos Aliagas


Nikos Aliagas is a French-Greek journalist and entertainer, known for being the host of the French reality program named Star Academy. He collects stars, great showman reveals us his art through the photographies he takes with famous people, his black and white portrait are stunning, visit his Flickr page for more.


I Shoot Friends by Jonathan Kos-Read


Jonathan Kos-Read (born 1973), also known as Cao Cao, is an American actor in film and television in China. While well known in China, his work is little-known in his native country. “I shoot actresses and actors on our sets. Between films, to relax, I shoot friends, models and street photography. I never shoot for money. Acting is an artistic job. I betray it for a paycheck. So I keep this part of my artistic life pure. I know not everybody has that luxury so if you need money, I pay.” (via modelmayhem)

10424737044_6a677fb371_hJonathan Kos-Read

New Oscars Trailer


New Oscars trailer starring host Ellen DeGeneres and 250 tuxedo-clad men and women dancing to “The Walker” by indie pop band Fitz and The Tantrums. The trailer was directed by Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids,” “The Heat”). And then behind the scenes…

The Big Ride by Steve Jacobs

JacobsRide_082Steve Jacobs is an award winning director and actor, and has been performing for over 25 years in theatre, television and film. In the 90′s, he formed the production company Wild Strawberries with Anna-Maria Monticelli so he could direct the films he wanted to make.

To Tell a Story by Diego Gómez

8404637449_b1f37413e1_zDiego Gómez is a 31 year-old freelance cinematographer, living in Uruguay. He shoots with a Nikon D90 and works with production services for short and feature films, as well as advertising. His images often have a film aesthetic to them and he always hopes to tell a story or communicate an emotion to the viewer with every shot that he takes.