Soñador by Alejandro Bonilla


“Soñador y amante de la fotografía, feliz de encuadrar lo que pasa en Santiago capturando aquellos momentos mágicos del día a día.” Alejandro Bonilla


Slices of Life by Titus Simoens


Belgian photographer Titus Simoens has been working off and on across the United States, photographing slices of life in the American West. Simoens has co-directed a documentary, billed as “the story of two young cowboys,” called Miles Away. The documentary was shot in Cow Camp, Idaho, where Simoens also shot still images. Cow Camp is where cowboys Gene and Josh live for six months of the year, tending cattle, managing the land and repairing fences while living in a house without running water or electricity. Have a look at his Flickr page for some more great pictures.

Downright Magical by Nordin Seruyan


Indonesia-based photographer Nordin Seruyan uses photography to unveil a tiny world that often goes unnoticed by human eyes. Using a macro approach, he zooms in on the diverse and flourishing insect life of Southeast Asia, capturing extraordinary images that appear downright magical in their exquisite detail and beauty.

Façades by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy

4f3654d5f3543French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy presents this ongoing series titled “façades”. The photographer captures images of the city and reduces the buildings down to just their facades.



Human Form by William O’Brien


The human form I find extraordinary in it’s ability to precisely express the depth and breadth of our nature and status. A simple gesture, glance or pose can tell a profound story, and I build on that. Rarely are my images straight out of camera, so I’m not a photography purist…most of the time. The raw image evolves throughout the processing. I hope my images brings you joy, curiosity and inspiration.William O’Brien

Deeply Passionate by Yaman Ibrahim


Yaman Ibrahim is a full time Malaysian photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. His interest in photography brewed since childhood and now has materialised into a full time career. His achievements and awards both locally and on an international level has inspired him to explore a new level in photography through experimentation in order to produce enviable photographic results that can be a benchmark for budding photographers. Yaman is deeply passionate about all forms of photography from landscape, architecture, nature, documentary to portraits.

The Beginnings Unfold by Jamie Heiden


Jamie Heiden is a photographer first. She gets the most satisfaction out of taking a picture. But when she sits down at her computer, the beginnings unfold. Most of her finished images contain multiple photographic layers. Dodging, burning, boosting contrast and adjusting exposure were all tasks performed in the darkroom that are now tools she has at her fingertips using the computer. What would have taken hours in the darkroom can be done and then undone in half the time, not necessarily making the completed process any shorter but allowing for ten times the amount of experimenting within.