Day to Night by Stephen Wilkes

article-2386197-1B2F138D000005DC-706_964x810The unusual images were taken by photographer Stephen Wilkes who spent up to 15 hours and shot up to 1500 photos to create just one composite image. The collection entitled Day to Night features 15 images including works from Times Square, The Western Wall and The Capitol. To create the images, Stephen, 55, from Connecticut, U.S.A., shoots across the entire landscape from sunrise to sunset. He then returns to his studio to blend around 50 of the best photographs to create one seamless image. Each piece takes around one month to edit.


Mostly Conceptual by Brian Day

5659736001_d4dd36bb1f_zBrian Day is an accomplished photographer from Detroit, MI, USA, whose work has been published, exhibited, and praised for its timeless quality and thoughtful depth. Brian’s body of work is mostly conceptual, candid and urban and often incorporates emphasizing structural elements and dream-like lighting.

Getting more Challenging by David Mor

7780430736_5c1d2a963a_z“My initial exposure to photography began years ago, in the era of film and wet dark room when I was studying architecture and visual art. One of my teachers, a sort of Wittgenstein-type, had a keen interest in photography. In his spare time he taught us the secrets of the dark room as well, and perhaps more importantly, how to implement what we had studied in visual art to real life scenes. These were the days the seeds of my interest in photography were sown. Only years later in the digital period my motivation has changed in a way. I wanted to work all the harder because it is getting more challenging. I got rid of all my modern lenses with autofocus and vibration reduction/optical stabilization and opted for manual primes instead. It took time and effort to focus not only on framing the scene but being more attached, or perhaps in connection, with the scene seen through the lens. And thus in the short period since my confidence has grown I have won several International and local contests, among them the Carl Zeiss 2011 (Every moment tells a story), and the IREX 2012 (Make a better world) photo contests. Whether this is the emergence of a new path or not, only time will tell…”  David Mor

The Mood I Seek by Trevor Cotton

7807144954_936c9363c5_z“Living on the south coast of the UK, I am primarily a seascape photographer, and a big fan of long exposure work. I am not a ‘purist’, and whilst a captured image with perfect light can look great straight from the camera it is seldom that conditions are such that they convey the mood I seek. Rather than a ‘record’ of a moment in time, I wish to offer a creative interpretation of the scene. This certainly requires the use of editing software like Photoshop to enhance levels of tone and contrast that the camera simply cannot record in a single image. To produce an image that is unique and arresting is my aim, and for that, a great location, light, luck and digital processing skills are required in equal measure.”  Trevor Cotton

A Minimal Story by Manuel Touza


“My name is Manuel Touza, I was born in Santiago de Compostela and live in Galicia, northwest Spain. Photography has always been important for me. I just try to capture an instant, a minimal story and share it with other people. My equipment is simple, a Canon EOS 550D with an EFS 18-55 mm and a wonderful Leica D-Lux 5. I use to shot in black and white with a minimum post processing (still don´t know how to manage Photoshop). I am amateur in the best sense of the term; I love photography and the sense of freedom when I have some time to stay alone with my camera walking in the streets.“

The World Around Me by Jon DeBoer

6516457131_5c701c38de_z“ Photography has become a daily process for me, either shooting or post-processing. I strive to create photos that present my own vision of the world around me and often the mood or emotions I experienced while out photographing a scene. I do not seek to shoot photos that just depict the world around me as it appears to the eye. For these reasons, I primarily work in black and white and often use longer exposure times. I believe that working in black and white allows me to more accurately present my own vision of things and also more accurately portray the mood and emotions I experienced. My hope is that the moods I create will resonate with the viewer by how I photograph a scene, and also through my post-processing. “  Jon DeBoer

Inspired by her Surroundings by Yulia Gorodonski

0x550_1Belarusian photographer Yulia Gorodonski has an incredible collection of self-portraits. She gets inspired by her surroundings, films, music, props, and of course the way she’s feeling. She’s been working professionally for about a year, and her work has been featured in Chaos Magazine. Yulia is currently based in Israel, and at the moment she’s finishing up a book of her fantastic self-portaits.