Rainy Cityscapes by Eduard Gordeev


Eduard Gordeev is a talented photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia who captured a series of artistic photos of rainy cityscape. The resulting images are atmospheric and impressive with a bit of effect of acrylic paintings. The urban streets seem drenched in rain and mystery.


At Home With Themselves by Sage Sohier


At Home With Themselves by Sage Sohier is an intimate portraits of committed gay couples in the 1980s. Sohier produced images that stood in opposition to contemporaneous media portrayals of the “gay lifestyle”, images that expose some of the roots of today’s marriage equality movement.

New York City Above as Below by Alex Teuscher


“All these shots were taken pretty much following the usual tourist trail in Manhattan… the locations along that trail are iconic for a reason. I wanted to present them differently however, like the Chrysler and Empire state buildings in different compositions than they are usually seen in. I also wanted black and white, to really simplify and make it about light, contrast and strength of composition (to varying degrees of success if I must be honest) in the street scenes below and in the architecture above.” Alex Teuscher

Pacification by Rafael Fabrés

Spanish photographer Rafael Fabrés has been following law enforcement around Rio in preparation for the Rio de Janiero 2016 Olympics, capturing their efforts to clean up the city. The operation takes place in three parts: first the military comes into the favelas and rids them of gun carrying traffickers who operate in the open, then riot police stay in the area for a week while a local police force is established. With one fifth of the population living in slums or favelas, and these favelas often being controlled by gangs and drug traffickers, it seems that the drug trade in Brazil is a problem with no answer.