Yes. As someone could have got it I took some days for myself and my family. So what about my daily post on the blog? Well, where I am now internet is very slow and I’ve just got my smartphone to connect with the world… too difficult. I still have a couple of articles to post until the end of the month, but if you really have the urge to find inspiration, watching some very good photography, in the meantime, why don’t you discover my huge archive? Surf through more than one thousand articles using the tags on the right side of the page or selecting a categorie or, again, select a month, there’s so much to see ! See you soon.


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Kodak City by Catherine Leutenegger


Eastman Kodak, the company which pioneered so much in photography from the 1880s through the 1960s, could have owned digital imaging; the very first electronic camera was born in one of Kodak’s labs. Instead, they missed that boat, going into a tailspin that resulted in their eventual bankruptcy. Tied to that economic engine, the fortunes of Rochester, New York, the archetypal company town where Kodak had its headquarters, fell as “Big Yellow” collapsed. Catherine Leutenegger’s attentive, deadpan studies of Rochester today explore the face of a city once central to photography but now irrelevant and adrift.

Ghosts by Sandro Esposito


When you walk through the corridors of the former mental hospital in Limbiate you can almost hear the voices of the older guests that the hospital housed. Many photographers have already described in pictures this amazing place, probably even better than I did. This is what I saw. By Sandro Esposito

La legge comunale e provinciale del 20 marzo 1865 affidò alle Province l’onere del mantenimento dei “mentecatti poveri” e della costruzione di pubblici stabilimenti destinati alla cura e custodia di essi. Il primo atto in questo senso dell’Amministrazione provinciale di Milano (1866) fu quello di aprire a Mombello, nella villa Pusterla-Crivelli, una succursale per i cronici del manicomio milanese alla Senavra (precedentemente amministrato dall’Ospedale maggiore), già da tempo sovraffollato. Nel 1878, nonostante il parere contrario degli psichiatri che caldeggiavano la costruzione ex novo di un manicomio. Mombello fu trasformato in manicomio unico provinciale, e tale rimase fino al 1939, quando fu aperto un altro ospedale psichiatrico ad Affori, che si affiancò ad esso.
Istituzione di primaria importanza per l’assistenza psichiatrica in provincia di Milano, il manicomio di Mombello (ora Ospedale psichiatrico Antonini) ospitò contemporaneamente anche più di 2000 degenti. (via

Revenge by Ellen Von Unwerth

Shot entirely in black and white, in Von Unwerth’s signature style, the exhibition is a playful and sexy narrative of sisters sent away to their aunt’s chateau, by their anguished mother, who has just lost “her husband, his ex, her brother, and his wife” in a cable car crash. With childhood memories of their aunt’s extravagant and luxurious lifestyle, the girls look forward to the adventure, only to arrive and face the disappointment of serving to their aunt’s — and her staff’s — twisted whims. Finally able to free themselves from her clutches, the book ends with the aunt receiving her just desserts.(from Photography-Now)

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More about Ellen Von Unwerth.

New York – Guillaume Gaudet

Here’s a collection of images by Guillaume Gaudet, a New York transplant from France, took of the thriving metropolis over a five year period or starting when he first moved to the Big Apple from his hometown of Paris. Just by looking through his photos, you can feel the love he has for the the city he now calls home.

As he says, “I have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit, yet as a photographer, New York remains for me the most inspirational city in the world. There is something fascinating about its raw energy and its ever-changing neighborhoods. Visually, the city keeps you on your toes. Its unique diversity makes it the perfect playground for a photographer. Walking in its streets, you can easily slip into a different world just by turning a corner or going up a block. Each of New York’s neighborhoods has its own soul and pulse. I never get tired of attempting to capture this city on film.”

What’s art ?

Would you define art what you reproduce? I often say that if you look at a photography long enough it will become art, but if I say “my” leaves are art, who created this art?
(ok, I’ll stop drinking beer…)

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Lavoro troppo

Non dovrei inquinare il blog col mio faccione, ma è piĂą forte di me. Lavoro troppo e mi sono concesso una pausa di 3 minuti per scannerizzarmi, dopo aver visto i capolavori allo scanner di belle fanciulle ho voluto provare anch’io. (Ritenta,sarai piĂą fortunato).