Amazing portraits by Jack Davison


Jack Davison is a 22 year-old, Essex-based portrait photographer, who has recently graduated from Warwick University studying English Literature. His unique style, artistic vision, and natural talent make him stand out from the crowd. Jack is currently living in America, shooting and developing a new body of work over a period of 6 months.


Wet Plates by Mark Sink


Wet Plates-A plate the film of which retains its sensitiveness only while wet. The film used in such plates is of collodion impregnated with bromides and iodides. Before exposure the plate is immersed in a solution of silver nitrate, and immediately after exposure it is developed and fixed. Pictures by Mark Sink.

Nature by Magda Wasiczek


“For me photography raises my awareness to the beauty of nature. I’ve learned to see things that are otherwise overlooked, to enjoy the smallest of details, and to revel in the beauty of it all. It became my way of life, my favorite pastime and the cure to all my demons… I do not know who or why, what strength created the world that surrounds us, but I do know that it is an unusual and fascinating world with the smallest details exemplifying pure miracles with every sense of the word. It is not my desire to document or show the world merely the way it is. There are many other photographers who can do that better than I can. instead, I aim to reflect the world through my eyes onto my audience, this idyllic paradise of fairy tales. I hope that looking at my pictures, wakes up the child within each of us, even if for a short time, because the world in the eyes of children is always more colorful , fascinating, mysterious and full of surprises.”  Magda Wasiczek

Atmosphere by Frank Machalowski


Frank Machalowski was born in Berlin, Germany where he still lives and works. Frank first got into photography as a hobby around 10 years ago. At first he was mainly into digital photography, but then he started shifting back to film as he found the charming characteristics and atmosphere of film photography to be most fascinating. Today he develops and prints his photos on his own. Frank’s major areas of interest are the city as well as the country side… two opposite fields but to him they kind of attract!

Parallel Realities by Laura Visigalli


Laura Visigalli is an architect and got into photography a few years back and since then her work has been exhibited and recognized many times. She’s mainly interested in portraying our parallel realities through the world of reflections and filtered transparences as can be felt in many of her pieces, where the model him or herself becomes transfigured into an almost abstract creature.